The Project:

The project was create a series of commercials to run during Vans triple crown of surfing. We centered around two surfers who Sunny Garcia and Jamie O’Brien. We created a series of commercials and a short film. The Mauli Ola Foundation was selected as the official charity of the Vans triple crown of surfing and was given air time on tv as well as the livestream event. The iconic surf contest was seen online by more than 4 million people, in a total of two million hours of webcast viewing. In addition, the final day of the Billabong Pipe Masters set a one-day surfing webcast record with more than one million viewers generating more than 1.1 million streams and a whopping 596,000 hours of streaming.

Sunny Garcia 30 second spot
Sunny Garcia 15 second spot
Jamie O’Brien 30 second spot
Jamie O’Brien 15 second spot
Jamie O’Brien 30 second surf spot
The short film we created about Jamie O’Brien and his work with the Mauli Ola Foundation.

We also created a series of simple commercials that highlighted each athletes passion. We selected four Athletes, UFC fighter Brian Ortega, Big Wave Surfer Kala Alexander, Pro Surfer Kalani Robb and Pro surfer Teddy Navarro. These spots ran in conjunction with the other spots we created.

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