The Challenge:

Launch an educational campaign to get Clinicians on board with using “Exam Sequencing” a new technology to diagnose their patients. Some sequencing is almost like a human genome project for an individual. through this technology scientists are able to look at all 20,000+ genes in a patients DNA to be able to diagnose and ultimately treat genetic disease faster. This being a new technology we had an uphill battle to change the way physicians looked at genetic testing.

The Work:

We created a series of inspirational/ educational short form documentaries focused on the successes of exam sequencing using key opinion leaders in the field of genetics. The campaign launch included paid media, social content, blog content as well as experiential initiatives.

We partnered with key institutions such as Kennedy Krieger institute, University of Utah, MIND institute, UC Davis, Columbia University, Children’s hospital of NY and Children’s hospital of Minnesota. Leveraging the KOL’s reputation as well as the institutes made the films instantly reputable.

The Results:

The campaign resulted in millions of impressions on YouTube and a surge in site visits. The films garnered an enormous amount of attention for Ambry genetics and an increase in Exome tests ordered from new and existing clients. The films are still years later the most viewed films on YouTube on exome sequencing.

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