“The Life We Live.”

After 14 years of searching for answers their doctors were now out of ideas and the experts they had consulted had nothing. They were struggling to accept that they may never know the cause of their daughters conditions. Then one fateful night the stars aligned and there was a little bit of hope for the future.


“A Breath of Life”

Cystic fibrosis patients have to schedule their lives around hours of breathing treatments, chest therapy, and about 45 pills a day in order to stay healthy. For years, researchers have explored the connection between Cystic Fibrosis and the ocean. To some people, surfing is a way of life. From birth, they are taught that the ocean is a resource, a place of healing, and something you never turn your back on. To cystic fibrosis patients, the ocean is something entirely different, it is a way to prolong their lives. It started first as just a simple idea: Get kids with cystic fibrosis surfing. What resulted was something incredible.