Battle for the Breasts

The Challenge:

Launch a new awareness campaign that targets younger women, encouraging them to be proactive about Breast Cancer.

The Work:

We created an all women’s online surf video contest where 16 cancer clinics are paired with 16 top women’s professional surfers. Each surfer submits a video clip that the public can watch by visiting, where they can vote for the surfer they think has the best moves. Every Thursday throughout October, the public voting narrows the playing field until there’s a winner.

The Campaign launch included paid media, social content, influencer content, blog content, and experiential initiatives.

The Results:

The Battle for the Breasts quickly became a major story in the surf industry as well as the breast cancer world. Appearing in publications such as Surfer magazine, women’s health and Newsweek. Driven by strong content created both in-house and by influencers, the campaign resulted in millions of impressions on social media, a surge in site visits to all three companies involved. The contest initially was only supposed to be a single event but was so successful it was held three years in a row for breast cancer awareness month.

We needed to get some excitement around Battle for the Breasts initially so we created this short promo to use across numerous different channels, we created a shorter version for social media and it received millions of views and was shared by all the athletes involved on their own channels. The foo fighters also got involved and gave us permission to use their song as well as sharing the video on their social media channels.
The first year of the contest we did a live raffle style pick at NSGC a national trade show for genetic counselors. we had an open sign up onsite as well as online and we did the raffle on the last day of the meeting.
Each week in October there would be head to head heats in which people could log on to Surfline and vote for their favorite clips.
A trip to visit the winning cancer center.
We kicked off year two with a similar yet different look for the contest that would carry across the different channels.
This was created with Bethany Hamilton on Kauai, we did a raffle to see which 16 cancer clinics would be part of the contest and also to see which surfer they will be paired with to represent them.